Orkney Wine Festival 2019

Orkney Wine Festival, Wine Fair.jpg

Planning for this year’s festival is well underway. Full details will be released a month ahead of it starting, in early April. Meanwhile, we can confirm the dates. As in 2018, we will be running the festival over two weekends:

  • Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th May

  • Friday 10th to Sunday 12th May

You’ll still be able to take advantage of our festival discount on the days inbetween, and we might well have one or two informal tastings in the shop midweek. But those two weekends are the dates you want to get in your diary.

Details will be posted here and on https://www.facebook.com/KirknessGorie/ as soon as we have them. Or, best of all, sign up to our mailing list via the contact page or by emailing us on kirknessandgorie@breckan.scot.

Meanwhile, pop over to this page of the website to browse highlights from the past 12 years… https://www.kirknessandgorie.com/orkney-wine-festival

Duncan McLean