Whisky, Gin & Other Spirits



Orkney has two celebrated whisky distilleries, Highland Park and Scapa.  We have a wide selection from both in stock, including standard distillery releases like Highland Park 12 Year Old and Scapa Skiren, as well as limited edition releases and other rarities.  The harder to find bottlings are usually available in very limited quantities, and come and go very quickly – so if you see something special, grab it quick before someone else does!

We also have an ever-changing selection of single malts from all of Scotland’s whisky producing areas.  These tend to be a mix of well-known classics and interesting obscurities.

We have a large selection of miniatures – usually about 100 or so – which are great for letting you try different whiskies without investing in a full-sized bottle.




Gin is definitely in!  We’re lucky to have three excellent and distinctly different gins in Orkney.  Kirkjuvagr is distilled in Kirkwall, and is available in standard and Navy Strength editions, in three different sizes.  Sea Glass Gin is made in a small distillery in Deerness, which also produces Into the Wild vodka.  The Orkney Gin Company makes a bathtub gin in Burray in two varieties, classic Johnsmas and spiced Mikkelmas; their Old Tom Rhubarb gin is a best-seller every summer.

We also have a varied – and always varying – selection of gins from around Britain, and around the world… as far away as the South Island of New Zealand. 

It would be true to say that most of our customers are looking for either whisky or gin, so that’s what we focus on.  But there are so many beautiful spirits and liqueurs out there, that we always have two or three shelves of interesting bottles that catch our eye.  It could be Cognac or Armagnac, Grappa, Absinthe or Marc de Bourgogne.  It could be Cassis, Tequila, or a fantastic Dark Rum. Hey, it could be the new Spiced Rum from Orkney, beautifully presented under the J. Gow label, complete with pirate ship.  Or it could be one of our extensive range of French fruit, nut or cream liqueurs from renowned maker Fisselier, which come in a dazzling array of flavours and colours, and in irresistible tiny flip-top bottles.