Everyone's favourite wine

You know that we in K&G have a little love affair with New Zealand wine?  We've always liked it, and after Duncan's trip there in spring 2017 we basically fell in love with it.  Such quality!  Such elegance!  Such fruitiness!  (But enough about Duncan.)

Something that may surprise you - and Duncan admits that it surprised him - is that after three weeks of touring NZ, tasting fantastic Chardonnays. Rieslings, Syrahs, Merlots and Gewurtztraminer - he still took enormous pleasure in Sauvignon Blanc, despite having tried perhaps 150 versions. 

One late night in Wellington, after a long day at the enormous Pinot Noir 2017 conference, a group of sommeliers, bloggers, journalists and one Orcadian wine merchant, met in a suitably literary bar hidden away up a dingy stairwell.  (It was called The Library, and must be a great place if he remembers it so clearly more than a year later.)

One had a dram, one had a port, another had a glass of cleansing ale.  But after considering his options, and having a sip of this and that, Duncan opted for a glass of zesty Momo Marlborough Sauv Blanc.  And it really hit the spot.  Why?  Duncan can explain:

'Sauvingon Blanc - and especially the Kiwi version - is everyone's favourite wine.  It's so zippy and refreshing that it really wakes up your palate, which means it's great as an aperitif, or by itself if you just want one wee glass that's sure to bring you instant joy.  But those same qualities make it a perfect pick-me-up for the jaded palate, tired after a long day's tasting - or a long day's anything!  The crispness and immediate aromatic hit of good Sauv Blanc wake up your taste buds, and wake up your brain's pleasure centres.'

Throughout the month of May we will be drinking, describing, tasting, trying and above all CELEBRATING New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in all its green-tinged glory.  Watch this space and our social media for details.  Till then, I'm feeling a bit jaded...cheers!